The Boys Learning Bible Stories at KTH

The environment in KTH is always very lively. The boys are always involved in doing some activity or playing some games and in the evenings, are busy studying and preparing for the next day of school. They just had their unit tests, which was conducted by the teachers for internal assessment of the children and the boys really performed well.

The boys also prepared and performed a choreography on the occasion of teachers day in their school. It was great fun and all the teachers and the children really enjoyed their performance.

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Kolkata Treehouse Kolkata Treehouse Kolkata Treehouse Kolkata Treehouse

The boys are learning different stories from the Bible and really enjoy their story time and are always excited about it. They recently learned the story of Daniel in the lions den and enjoyed listening to how God delivered him from the situation and how his accusers got punished.

Kolkata TreehouseBijon – Bijon was one of the first boys of KTH and is a very loving child. He always cares for others and is very considerate. He loves sharing everything with his brothers and shares whatever he receives. Bijon loves all animals, birds and insects and likes observing them. He is sometime seen following a trail of ants or trying to catch a grasshopper. He loves playing board games with his brothers and enjoys a game of ludo or snake and ladder. Bijon’s favourite subject is Mathematics but he does not like Hindi so much. Bijon loves eating Chicken, fish and all leafy vegetables. His favourite dish is chicken chow mein. Their uncle Tommy had a taste of that while he was here 🙂

Thank you for your constant and unfailing prayers.

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