Look what the Lord is doing at KTH

15th August is India’s Independence Day and every year, we organize a program for all children with whom we are involved. On the 15th, all children from different projects had performed special programs and the KTH boys did an action song, which I had sent through whatsapp to Tommy.  They did “Our God is so big”, along with actions and were really excited about performing the song. We also conducted project wise drawing competition with the Independence Day theme and the boys did so well that day.

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Kolkata TreehouseKolkata TreehouseKolkata Treehouse

Last month we had very heavy rain in the city and most of the places got flooded. The water from the pond near KTH rose and there was ankle deep water near the home. The boys enjoyed watching the fishes swim and feeding them. They also tried catching some fish with Ranjit and Ratheesh.

This is the life of one boy that has evolved and grown since he has been a part of our lives.

Kolkata TreehouseP Sarvana – When Sarvana came to KTH, he was a very shy and quite boy and used to keep to himself. Sarvana has developed a lot since then. He is very interested in studies and enjoys learning Mathematics and English. He also loves helping others and is always seen assisting the boys with their maths problems or with their English homework. He is very neat and clean and keeps all his things arranged. Kolkata TreehouseSarvana likes to eat chicken and all type of sweets but does not like fish so much. He loves racing and also likes playing football and foosball with his brothers.

Thank you for believing in us and standing together with us even in the midst of your trying times.. Gods got great things in store for you.

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