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Kolkata Treehouse About usBinu and Deena Thampy moved to Kolkata in 2007 with the goal of serving and loving the people here. They have been involved in the community, getting to know the needs of the poorest of the poor. One day, when Binu was spending time with some street kids underneath a bridge, he met a woman who said she had been born under the bridge, grew up, got married and was now raising her children under the bridge. Binu’s heart went out to the woman because unless someone stepped into her life and gave her a chance, an opportunity, her children would repeat the same life she had. He made a commitment to God that he would be the empty vessel that God could use to help these people.

In 2013, Tommy McKee was sent out by his father on a spiritual discovery. As a teenager, he was out exploring the world, looking for a cause he could live for, while his friends all stayed at home. When he first arrived in Kolkata, his heart was captured, and he knew that Kolkata would have a place in his heart for the rest of his life. And it was the street kids that touched most deeply. Because of his fun demeanor and lively attitude, he drew children to himself. And although he spent only a few days in the city, he went home with a commitment to help the kids he had grown to love.

Tommy contacted Binu when he returned with a plan to start and fund the first home that would give the kids a chance to break free from their poverty cycles. The first home, the Kolkata Tree House, or KTH, was birthed in January 2014 with a house Mom and Dad caring for 3 children. It has now grown to house 15 children with applications for new children coming in almost daily. These children, many of whom had not even celebrated their own birthdays, are now being raised in a loving value-based home. They are attending school and doing very well in their studies. They all receive regular medical care, excellent clothing and great nutrition.

It was through the hearts of  Binu and Tommy that these children now have a home that will give them opportunities their previous lives could not. They have a hope and a future now and can do something they never could before: Dream.



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